Astro Portraits

Guided by the stars

Astro Portraits are a unique & empowering, self love experience specially tailored to your cosmic design.

This is an original Solar Medusa Experience, where Georgia dives into your astrological birth chart to inspire artistic and emotive portraits that you will saviour for a life time.

Through a birth chart reading before your photoshoot you will explore the many archetypes that your soul dances through & then choose elements of your chart to embody in your photoshoot.

"I love getting creative with photoshoots & encouraging my clients to embody interesting sides of themselves! It's exciting because you get to bring a character to life: perhaps it's the high priestess pisces energy and you're captured at sunrise in a rock pool with glitter through your hair, or you embody you bold Leo energy at golden hour with the sunset highlighting your glamorous silk dress ."

With this package Georgia collaborates with you closely, brainstorming outfits, locations & styling to create portraits that bring out the magic in you.

"I feel so seen. I SEE myself, I see my beauty, my softness, the vulnerability & the strength. I felt so disconnected from my power. These pictures capture me in a way that is so feminine, so magical, I can't even put into words how I feel.. but I'm so grateful that we were able to have such an authentic connection & that you were able to capture me in such a natural way. - Lisa