Georgia Hunter





Georgia is a passionate photographer, yoga & movement teacher and creator of Cosmic Serpent Retreats alongside her sister Taylor Hunter. Georgia is currently based in her home town of Melbourne, Australia but has spent the past 7 years travelling around the globe and gaining experience in various countries. After studying acting & directing at Toronto Film School, Georgia transitioned into photography and established Solar Medusa, her creative brand.

She has made it her mission to empower individuals to step into their power & confidence through her favourite creative outlets; photography and movement. Georgia established her original photography style; Astro Portraits in 2020 fusing her passion for astrology & photography into one cosmic creation. This unique offering is popular on Cosmic Serpent Retreats & therefore allowed Georgia to shoot clients in the most stunning locations: Tulum, Oaxaca, Puerto Vallarta, Isla Mujeres, Mexico City & Tepoztl√°n as well as Sedona in the USA and Costa Rica.

Georgia loves shooting in nature & working with our biggest source of natural light, the sunshine. This is where she feels her clients are most comfortable and connected to their inner body. Her creative direction is inspired by her clients astrological birth chart, or the vibe of their brand. Georgia loves getting creative and assists with directing poses & movement, suggesting particular styling, make-up & locations, to shed light on her clients unique personalities and gifts to this world

Whats different about Georgia is that she too practices, getting in front of the camera as it helps her understand the experience from her clients point of view and further enables her ability to direct & support individuals that might not consider themselves models. As an entrepreneur and business owner herself, Georgia has valuable experience in content creation & branding for movement & wellness businesses. Her Retreat business, Cosmic Serpent has flourished over the past two years and serves as her most impressive portfolio of branding work.